Introducing the Ottoneu Draft Tool

In the wake of @leifer’s debut of the ottovalues site, I have created a python application for use both before and during the draft called (quite unimaginatively) the Ottoneu Draft Tool. The application is hosted on GitHub here. The current release of this tool is version 0.8.1, the release page of which is here. Users can simply download and unzip the file and run the otto_draft_tool.exe application.

I will note, since this is just a hobby project for me, the application does not have a signed certificate, and this usually means the first time Windows runs it, Windows Defender will tell you it is unsigned, but you should be able to run it anyways. If that makes you uncomfortable, the application is open source at the above GitHub repository, so you can check it out from there and manually run the file using Python from the command line.

Briefly, the Ottoneu Draft Tool takes player values in the format created by ottovalues for Fangraphs Points and SABR Points leagues and uses the Ottoneu Player Universe and specific league rosters to populate tables of top available players both overall and by Ottoneu position. Player search functionality is provided to find player instantly (useful for fast-paced auctions). In draft, the user can manually start a draft monitor that will keep the player list updated in near-real-time (one minute intervals), removing drafted player and updating league inflation rate. Move information can be found on the GitHub readme page.

This is what I’m calling a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the moment. I’m not done developing this, but I’d like to get it into the hands of the community to see what kind of feedback or feature requests come from it.

I’m making this application free, as @leifer has made his value tool. I don’t really want to paywall this either. If you want, I have setup a Patreon page as well (Adam Scharf is creating Tools for Playing Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball | Patreon), which could help me pay for that pesky certificate so you don’t get nagged on every new version. And hey, one of the levels means you can vote on features and get betas, so there’s a little carrot.

Thanks, and happy drafting!