Introducing the Ottoneu Value Calculator™

Hey all, wanted to share a tool I built that some may find helpful around this time of year. I’m calling it the Ottoneu Value Calculator™.

It starts with Depth Charts projections, and with the help of @vibbot and others it converts them to dollar values. The neat thing is that from there, you can make personal adjustments to players (modifying PPG/PPI or G/IP) and see how the corresponding dollar value changes. Included is also a tab to easily export these custom values to be used in the Surplus Calculator in all its own greatness.

Thanks to the folks in this community who helped me along with this effort. If anyone has questions, comments, or suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them!

Link here: Ottoneu Value Calculator 1-18-2021.xlsx - Google Drive

(Click “Open with Google Sheets” and make a copy to get started!)


Cool and thanks for sharing!

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This awesome stuff… any suggestion on how to update during the season?

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Glad you like it! I’d have to update the default dollar values manually during the season, but you should be able to continue to adjust your own personal projections and the corresponding dollar values will adjust accordingly.

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Where can I find the otto ID# for players that I want to add?

Im new to ottoneu and just want to clarify what this is…as if I’m right, this will be very helpful to my approach. Im in a first year of a h2h points league. Could this sheet be used to estimate auction values? Is it based on projections from fangraphs? Whose projections? Soto should go for 68?

You want to start with the Surplus Calculator

This tool lets you tweak dollar values for the SC via changing point rates, but the SC is the thing.

Thanks! As the season moves on, and projections change, is it hard to update the sheet?

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A better question for the SC thread and Justin, but I believe he publishes updates through the season.

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Hey Ben, unfortunately you can’t manually add a player to the sheet. If you have a specific question or think someone is missing I’m happy to look into it for you.

Thanks for posting this. How did you determine your replacement value (i.e. why 33 shortstops?).

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Sure thing! Replacement value is somewhat subjective to be honest. SS and 2B replacement level are determined by retrospectively looking back at the # of MI on Ottoneu rosters needed to hit game caps. Generally speaking, most teams roster somewhere between 5 and 6 MI.

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Thanks. Noticed that you use P/PA or P/GM for your value calculations, instead of total projected points. Do you worry that some players with limited projected playing time will impact your baseline replacement value?

Great question. I did spot check players above baseline to ensure that this wasn’t a huge issue, but stand by using P/PA. It’s another way to identify (and correctly value) players who if given full playing time would be more valuable.