Issues with PayPal 5/20/2023

We are dealing with some issues with PayPal right now. As a result, I would recommend against attempting to renew your team right now, and I will be temporarily disabling that functionality shortly. We hope to have this resolved soon. I’ll update this thread as I know more.

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Hey everyone,

Our issues with PayPal persist, and we are working towards getting them resolved as soon as possible. If these issues get much closer to the football renewal deadline, I will manually extend that renewal deadline. Football teams should have a reasonable amount of time to renew or get replacement managers, and our issues with our payment processor should not affect that.

I’ll have better details as we get closer to the end of the month, but I want to reassure any football players that they won’t be given a tiny window to renew for the upcoming season.

Thanks for your patience and support! I really appreciate it.


Unfortunately our issues with PayPal persist and we are exploring options for other payment processors while continuing our dialogue (such as it is) with PayPal. A few notes:

  1. All prize money for baseball is secure and there will be no issues getting prizes out to anyone in a prize baseball league or OPL.

  2. We will be delaying the renewal deadline for football and managers will continue to have access to their football teams until a renewal deadline is finalized. The keeper deadline will remain unchanged. I’ll have more information on this in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please let me know here or at

Thanks as always for your patience and support!


We’ve extended the football renewal deadline to August 15th, 2023.

I am working on integrating a new payment provider and hope to have an update soon.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Random question… will you have to increase league fees because of this change?

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Pay in 4 incoming baby!!!

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I’m continuing to work on integrating our new payment provider and hope to have a substantial update by the end of the week.

To @walt526’s question, there are no plans for a price change in 2023 due to this payment provider change. I just want to get the football folks renewing as soon as possible so we can keep Ottoneu going for another year.

Big sorry to @Miguel as I do not believe our new payment provider will offer a pay in 4 option.


So what is going on? Is the Otto deal In trouble? It’s sounds shady.

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I don’t super appreciate being called shady when I’ve made myself available to questions in this thread and tried to give updates through what has been a very stressful 2 months during which we have not been able to take any income.

I don’t know what “the Otto deal” is or what that could be referring to.

It is a long and very complicated story but basically PayPal miscategorized Ottoneu as a sports book and now we are working with a payment processor that understands the differences between season-long fantasy sports, paid DFS contests, and sports books.


Ok I apologize, I love Otto and hate to see anything happen to it! I sure hope you can work it out, PayPal seems to be causing issues everywhere and eBay included which ended its work with PayPal. I’m sorry once again!


I appreciate that and it is nice to hear that you are protective of Ottoneu. Believe me, I won’t let anything happen to it without a fight.


I wanted to give an update on where things stand and what you should expect over the course of the next few days.

I just had a pretty long conversation about integration with a new payment provider. We are very close to being fully on-boarded with them, and I hope to have the payment flow up by the end of the week. It will be a little different than PayPal, but you’ll be able to use most major credit cards and your bank account to pay for your Ottoneu teams, and we will have a bank option for claiming prizes that should be much smoother than the PayPal option we have had in the past.

Today is the football keeper deadline, so please make sure your leagues are aware that cuts must be done today. Once we have payment integration up I’ll have a final renewal date for football teams that should be close to the current date of August 15, maybe a little bit later.

In the meantime if you have any questions, feel free to email me or reach out here.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience, I really appreciate it!


Hi. Thanks for all your hard work with this site. I love ottoneu and it’s the only type of fantasy I want to play anymore.
Will the new payment processing system be able to process payments from Canadian credit cards? The only thing PayPal was good for was allowing those of us without a US address to still participate.
Thanks in advance for your response!

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I will double and triple-check and let you guys all know very soon.


PayPal sucks. Hang in there Niv and thanks for all your hard work to keep everything running.


+1 for hoping the new provider works with international users.
Thank you Niv for all your hard work and for keeping us in the loop!


While I hate that this has disrupted the business end, I actually kind of love this shift. PayPal has been a nightmare to a number of folks I know so I’m always looking for alternatives wherever possible.


Now that Ottoneu is committed to a new payment processor, we’re making progress towards accepting payments again ahead of the football season.

I’m working with the our new provider’s developers on the last round of testing and I’m hoping to have the new payment flow up for everyone to use later this week. I plan on extending the football renewal deadline once more so that existing leagues aren’t put under the gun to renew, but I still cannot make a final call on the new renewal deadline until I have some certainty on our launch date for the new payment processor.

On the Canadian front, our payment provider is looking into pricing but the early signs are generally positive. Once I know more I will definitely share it.

I will update more as I have it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks everyone!


Anyone who is interested in spinning up a new football league, please email - you don’t need to wait out these payment processor issues to get started!


Any update on the payment processor? I know that you are working hard to get it done and I appreciate all the hard work, but was wondering if the deadline will at least get extended so I don’t lose my team tonight.