Issues with PayPal 5/20/2023

First, some clarification:
No one is going to lose a single team across any sport during the period in which we aren’t allowing anyone to pay for teams.

I’ve just extended the renewal deadline for football to August 31. These deadlines are placeholders until our new payment processor is online - once that happens, I’ll set a renewal deadline that is about 2-3 weeks out.

The full update is that we have everything working in a testing environment, but our payment processor is adding features in order to meet Ottoneu’s needs. They worked over the weekend and are continuing to work on getting these features live, and once they are live we will be ready to take renewal fees, etc.

We have made an agreement on all internationally-issued credit cards as well, and while sorting out prize distribution to anyone internationally may become a bit more complicated, we will surely be able to figure something out.

In the past week I’ve manually added a baseball league and 3 football leagues, one of which is recruiting right now. If you’re interested in getting a new league going or joining a league, just email and I will do everything I can to help you out.


Thanks for the update, Niv!

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Niv is THE man, thanks for all the work and updates, as you must know I’m nuts about Ottoneu, so very happy you negociated a payment agreement including us north of the border. If needed, I think I would of moved to the US to play Ottoneu, take care Niv


We are going into production testing with our new payment processor tomorrow and I hope to have a good update for this week!


We’re doing some final testing tonight and hope to be up with our new payment provider, Paydala, tomorrow. I’ll have a video with the steps required to make payments - I think it is smoother than PayPal was, though there is a bit more information required the first time you check out, which is due to legal compliance.

I’ll leave the deadlines where they are for right now, August 31 for football renewals, September 15 for basketball renewals. If anyone has any concerns about these dates, please email and I’ll help you out.

I appreciate everyone’s patience through the entire ordeal this summer, and I am excited to work with our new payment provider and continue Ottoneu for everyone for many years to come.

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When are the payments due by again?

Might want to read that full thread…

Will baseball prize money still be paid out in PayPal, or do we need to sign up for Padala to collect our winnings?

Will PayPal potentially be available as a payment option again before the 2024 baseball season?

Please read this thread:

PayPal will never be an option for Ottoneu again. I would not work with them again if I was given the option.


I believe every single broad question has been covered by the variety of threads on the site right now. I am going to lock this thread so that it does not get too noisy. Please send any other questions to

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The updates are appreciated. I am curious, though, why the change? Why do we all have to make new accounts to accommodate this? However, maybe we don’t and I missed that.

For example, NFC funnels in millions of entry fees via CC or PayPal. Are we no longer able to use PayPal with ON because the $ got to big (if so then that’s good for you) but you’re not incorporated? Simply asking as I am not aware and appears strange on the surface.

I’m sure you started this journey well before you started documenting. It’s just frustrating to see updates right before 2 majors sports seasons started and another ended as opposed to say February with plenty of time for trial and error.

Regardless, it sounds like this should come to an end soon but I believe these questions / concerns are valid when paying for a service with a potential prize pay out.

I moved this post away from a thread that is meant only for updates - please either start a new thread or email, but do not post a question to a thread that is meant to be mostly clean for just updates from me to the community.

We got banned from PayPal because they designated us as a gambling site. I hinted at this here:

I don’t know why they designated us and not other sites. They didn’t give us any time to respond and didn’t accept our responses when we gave them.

I never explicitly explained all this because it seemed blindingly obvious that the change off of PayPal was not my choice and because I wasn’t sure if our appeals to them would go anywhere (they did not).

It was not my choice and none of the timing in this process has been up to me and the assumption that I would do something like this lightly and so poorly timed on my own accord is, to say the least, a weird one.

I do not care to write on the record any more about our situation with PayPal this year, but if you buy me a beer sometime we can have a chat.