Keeper Deadline Questions

Let’s use this thread to discuss any questions about how the keeper deadline works. Here are three answers to get you started.

What is the keeper deadline?

By February 1, your team has to be under cap and roster limits. That means you must have under $400 in salary, at or under 40 players rostered, and at least $1 in free cap for every player under the 40 man roster limit.

When is the last moment I can accept a trade?

Well, don’t push it, but about 11:59pm ET tonight. Any players you receive as part of a trade will not be cuttable until after your league’s auction draft.

What happens if a team is not legal after the keeper deadline?

Unless their commissioner helps them out, that team will not be allowed to participate in the auction draft. After the auction draft, they’ll have to make cuts to get legal anyway, and those cuts will not be penalty-free. So, it is pretty dire if you don’t get your team legal.

Any other questions?

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This is a key rule that many people overlook early on, and it isn’t reflected in your Roster Organizer, so be sure you’re prepared for how this will play out in the auction room.

Now that the deadline has passed, how does someone picking up a team on the “Claim a team” page deal with the fact no cuts were made and having an illegal roster.

Please explain the “Renew by date” and the effect of already having gone past the date.

Also when does a team fall into the Expired Team category?

If this is in the wrong thread, please move it. Thanks.

The commissioner can make changes on behalf of an owner to help them out, and any owner that picks up a team now gets one ‘round’ of penalty-free cuts as well.

Niv, I claimed Hoist on his own Bedard in Pesapallo league #774. I’m not seeing my roster & can’t make my free round of cuts, when I click on the “cut players” link I get “You cannot cut any players right now.” Am I in the wrong place? I do have a few players I want to cut, before the league’s draft. Can you help me, THANX

As far as I can tell that league hasn’t drafted yet (it’s a first year league), which is why you are getting that message (and there are no players on any roster to cut).

Sorry, I think I used the wrong league #, how about league #357, Statheads Anonymous. I thought I’d seen the Cut Players page active before, team is Rode Harden Put Up Wet and I claimed it about a week ago. Thanx.

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You probably need to contact your commissioner, there is a commish setting to allow a round of penalty free cuts for new owners, it’s possible that setting is unchecked in that league.

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Getting close to the 2020 Keeper Deadline, so bumping this topic.

does this line from the Rules say the same thing as having $1 of free cap for every open roster slot?

Owners must always be able to field a 40 man roster for $400; therefore following the keeper deadline, a team salary must never exceed $360 + the number of players on the roster.

nevermind…it does, just a different way

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how about trades made before the keeper deadline, that won’t be processed until after the 11:59PM keeper deadline based on League settings? according to our league settings, the trade won’t process until Feb 1 sometime

That is answered by the second question in the original post

well, actually not

what if I need the salary diff from the trade to get my team under $400

Well I guess it’s unclear what your question is. If you are asking if that trade will in fact be processed, the answer is yes. Per the original post, you can accept trades up until 11:59pm ET on the day of the keeper deadline.

that’s how I read the rule…just wasn’t sure of how the salaries involved in the trade would impact the 40-man/$400 cap rule as it applies to participation in the draft…in the example, if I had 40 players and a $425 salaried team and made a 1-for-1 trade today (sent $29, received $4) that wasn’t processed by 11:59 tomorrow (1/31) then as of that time/date my team wouldn’t be legal…rule says if a team isn’t at or under 40 players and $400 at the keeper deadline, it’s not eligible to participate in the draft…I expected that the trade would be processed, just wasn’t sure if the team would be considered “legal” at the deadline…understood that there are no post-keeper date cuts until after the draft, but that wasn’t the question…sorry I wasn’t so clear at the onset

Got it. If your trade makes you legal from an illegal state, you can participate in the draft. If you are in a legal state when your league’s draft starts, you’ll have no problem participating. Doesn’t matter if you got there by having a trade process on February 2 or by commissioner help or anything else.

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I am a concerned about sale and it made me think that I should ask a question. Do we have a policy or anything about post keeper - predraft injuries? I read in another post that the purpose of the roster freeze is to be able to plan for auction. Does this fit some sort of loophole?

It’s the same thing that happens when there’s an injury midseason: you can either continue to roster him or you can cut him. I suppose that you could ask for a penalty free cut prior to auction, but it probably won’t happen.

Injuries happen. How you respond to them is part of what makes this game fun.