Late to the Party?

Like many of you I was recently put onto this league and really want to try it out. I was in a dynasty league for many years that got boring because there was a couple of us that dominated the league year in and year out and everyone else was always rebuilding. Now I’m looking for a different a new challenge.

I created a league for anyone that wants to join

$20 (Hope to up it for prizes in later seasons if this is a good experience)
10 managers (Would like to up in the future)
Draft once the league fills

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Got 4 so far. Need 6 more.

Just want to mention that it may be difficult to increase manager slots after the year one draft due to the dynasty-like nature of ottoneu. If your goal is 12 managers, I think it’d be easier to start there than increase later. Does anyone have any experience doing expansion drafts for increasing managers after year one?


That’s something I didn’t think about. Would have to come up with some good rules for expansion. I think the rosters and everything would be doable with some work from the commish. Wonder if this place will even let you renew a league and increase managers or if you have to create a new league completely. Maybe a good idea for a feature to be suggested.

Leagues have increased their sizes before in the offseason. It may require hitting me up at, but my recommendation would be to really aim for starting with the number of teams you want in the league rather than adding more later.

A few people have tried doing expansion drafts:

Ultimately expansions are really rare (for a number of good reasons) so I’d try my best to avoid planning to have an expansion draft in year 2 before even starting.


Looking for 3 managers still.

If you want me to bump the league size to 12 before you fill up, please let me know.

Will do. Thanks. Asking the rest of the people that have joined if they want to wait or just go with 10. 2 more to go for that.

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Ended up bumping to 12. Looking for the final 2 people. Have the draft set for Saturday night @ 7. Will push back if we are still short though.

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