Lineup page showing incorrect starting pitchers

Having some weird starting pitching caret errors. Occasionally having pitchers reported as starting when they are not or the other way around. Today both Kershaw and Rich Hill had the starter ^ . Only Hill started, of course, but it casts doubt in the reliability of the lineups page. League 934. Fangraphs H2H Points.

Anybody else seeing this?

Does Kershaw still show a starting caret?

Yes. Team 6654. Very odd. Think we had a no caret on Kluber when he started on April 8 or 9.

Kluber replaced a scratched Tomlin that game. Kershaw having a caret right now is a different issue and I’ll scope it out tonight.

Thanks Niv. Yeah, I figure there are a certain amount of scratches and spot starts that can get you at the last minute. But thanks for checking it out. The Kershaw caret seems odd.

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Ok, we had a very specific data provider issue with the Dodgers game tonight. I am actually in the process of redoing how we get probables (related to weather data, too) so this isn’t a long-term issue, but I’ll make sure this data provider is aware of this issue for tonight.

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Not sure if its related but Jaime Garcia is pitching today and doesn’t have a “name carrot”.

Probables are not related to the “Today’s Stats” updating (which seems to be resolved) so I broke this out into a new topic. I’m guessing probables are going to be wacky today and tomorrow because of all the rainouts.

I’ve updated the Blue Jays game to reflect that Jaime Garcia is the probable starter.

I’ve added a second data provider for probable starting pitchers. They update further in advance and more often, so it should catch late scratches better. I’m continuing to monitor this as well.


Awesome. Is the second data feed in preference to the first, or do you incorporate both?

We have basically swapped over to the new feed, since we get updates from it more often and historically seems a little more solid than our old feed.

We aren’t using the new feed for batter’s opposing starting pitcher info, and I haven’t put opposing teams into the 2-start SP page yet. This is because I haven’t had a chance to translate the major league team IDs from our new provider with our existing major league team IDs.

Sports data is a pain.


All data is a pain :slight_smile:




We are now using the new feed 100% of the time. This is the same feed other services such as Yahoo, ESPN, etc use, so I have a lot more confidence in its reliability. Projected starters are being updated every 15 minutes and go out about 2 weeks.

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