Lineup Splits are now live


There are now a variety of splits available on the Lineups page.

I am fairly confident these are speedier than the splits that we had on the site in 2014, and on top of that we have recent performance (last 7, last 15, last 30). Check 'em out, and let us know what you think.

More splits on Lineup page
More splits on Lineup page
Sorting Players/FAs by ownership changes

I should add - if you’re not seeing these work properly, please clear your cache or refresh the page. There is some new Javascript that your browser will need to download.


YES! This is amazing! Split choices are pretty good too. I could see an argument for Home vs. Away splits just for guys in Colorado but I that could also be too much clutter than its worth.


These are great! Any chance of seeing hitter splits in games started? That helps with start/sit decisions.


This is terrific - thanks Niv. Huge addition.


that’s what you see when you see “in lineup…”


Yay! Thank you, Niv!


Sorry I wasn’t clear…I meant games started in real life. Pinch hitting and defensive replacement games significantly skew the stats for anyone who isn’t a full-time starter, so it helps to determine points per game in games started when you want to decide between a couple of platoon guys.