Looking at P/G for splits on the lineup page

A user reminded me of this outstanding issue today:

For those of you in points leagues, are you fine with this weirdness, or would you like to see P/AB instead of P/G for position players? Or is there another solution I haven’t considered?

I’d like P/PA somewhere in the UI.

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I too find the double counting problematic. The most useful report would be points per pa against righty and, separately, points per pa against lefty.

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Is there a reason P/G is more interesting than P/PA for hitters in non-split situations?

P/G is typically more interesting in that we earn points for each game. Thus, batters near the top of the order who get more PA/G are more valuable than someone of similar quality that bats lower in the order. But, for the purpose of the L/R splits, P/PA would work well as a proxy for P/G.

What if it was broken down like P/4AB. That’s pretty much points per game.

Ideal for platoon splits would be P/GS (vLH SP, vRH SP ). That incorporates both the split itself and the usage (b/c it counts all the PAs that you will get … or not get … if you decide to start the player vLH SP or vRH SP).

I do not find P/G very interesting because ‘game’ does not refer to any constant. More so with double headers currently only being 7 innings.

I realize hitters are tied to game limits, so a higher P/G is a desirable outcome for ottoneu owners, but when it comes to using it to evaluate how a player has performed against pitchers, points/g doesn’t give you as good an idea as points/PA, especially when you start to look at smaller samples.

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I’ll time travel to 2018 and let past Niv know what dumb changes MLB has in store.


For my own analysis in FGPts leagues, I just look at wOBA for splits, which is effectively P/PA.

If you want to convert wOBA to P/PA for hitters, a handy formula is to just multiply by 6.5 and subtract 1 (there are variations on this, but that’s easy to remember). And then if you want to convert wOBA to P/G, multiply the P/PA times PA/G (this varies by typical lineup position).

So say you have a .350 wOBA guy who hits 2nd (4.55 PA/G). Then:

P/PA = (wOBA x 6.5) - 1 = (.350 x 6.5) -1 = 1.275 P/PA
P/G = P/PA x PA/G = 1.275 x 4.55 = 5.80 P/G

But if you’re just interested in P/PA, there isn’t much more than you need to make comparisons than wOBA by split since all the math behind it is just adding and multiplying by constants.