Lineups Locked - Playoffs (delayed scores)

Hey Niv,

Scoring was not updated at 4:04 PM EST - my team was up by 3 points, so I decided to sit Marte. Now scoring has updated at 4:07 PM EST with my team down 2 points. Is it possible to put Marte back into the lineup?

Thank you for considering.

League 1248. Team: Everett Aquasox

In 12 years I’ve never received a request quite like this one. We won’t be changing lineups after the fact for this kind of situation. Good luck!

Scores were all supposedly final for the opposing team, so they weren’t still actively playing.

Ottoneu has delayed scoring though. How do teams make an informed decision when scores are tight like this when the scoring shows up delayed on our end after lineups lock?

Here is a whole thread about score corrections:

All of these happen after games go final. Tthere is always a chance that scoring could change after a game is final in a game based on MLB games.

I was asking since scores were final for the opponent, with no players left to play. But that was not true since Ottoneu updated scoring (even though it said final). So I was penalized for the delayed scoring on the platform, with misinformation to make the final decision, which impacts moving on in the playoffs.