Nationals vs Yankees Suspended Game (and resumed suspended games in general)

Bumping for 2022 with the Twins-Astros game yesterday suspended and being resumed today. Tomorrow morning around 930am ET, stats from “yesterday’s” Twins-Astros game should be updated assuming it completes as expected today.

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Have these stats been updated?

Yes. You can see this by going to Today’s Stats and May 11, where the Astros-Twins game is final instead of in the 4th inning.

I see that but I’m not sure the stats are right.

For Yordan Alvarez, it says he had 2 AB and a .500 average. When I look at the boxscore for the game on the MLB app it says he had 5 ABs and 2 hits. I also have Jeremy Pena on my team and his stats also don’t match up with the boxscore.

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