Need Owner for Ottoneu Champions League in 2018

We will be recruiting for at least one owner to fill a spot in the Ottoneu Champions League for the 2018 season.

You can read through the rules here: Ottoneu Champions League Charter

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Hey Trey,

I could be interested in this as well if the spot is open and depending on the team.

Thanks for your interest. Can you send me a direct message on the leagues you’ve won? We will probably decide on this over the next few weeks

Sure thing, Trey. Leagues and credentials below: - Betts y Rhys have won the league since I’ve been in it, 3 years now, and will win it again this year. This team also narrowly missed being the highest scoring team in Ottoneu last year for Fangraphs points. I think I missed by around 100. - Smelly Pirate Hooker (Anchor Man fan, here). Have won this league 2 of the 2 years I’ve been in it and should win it again this year. Very competitive league.

Both of these teams have been mentioned multiple times in Fangraphs articles as top teams in all of Ottoneu.

Oh, and I like beer.


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