Ottoneu Champions League Charter

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To those in the @Champions league, the official charter will be posted here going forward.

Ottoneu Champions League (est. 2015)

Past Champions:
2018: @henton
2017: @keefsmitty
2016: @brentdaily
2015: @LuckyStrikes

Division A (530)

Division A Home:
Trey Baughn @LuckyStrikes

Division B (725)

Division B Home:
Robert Parnell @SABRmagician

League Format

Scoring: FanGraphs Points
Teams: 12
Rosters: 40-man standard + 5MiLB system
Lineups: Daily
Arbitration: Allocation system
Auction: March, annually
In-Season Trade Deadline: August 31st
Cost: $9.99 Standard Ottoneu fee + one-time $20 trophy fee
Prize: no $ prizes
Trophy: Ottoneu Jersey & “Champion” level bragging rights
Join: Invitation only
Commitment to be “active, responsive, competitive, and fair” at all times.

Unless otherwise specified, standard Ottoneu rules apply. Commissioner(s) reserve the right to make charter adjustments at their discretion for the benefit of the league.

Owner requirements:

  • Minimum one (1) additional Ottoneu championship
  • Member of Ottoneu community

Champions League Custom Rules:

Beginning with the 2017 season, the Ottoneu Champions League will expand into two divisions (A and B). All rules will govern both divisions, but they will operate as two separate leagues of twelve owners each. The following rules will be applied to the 2017 season and beyond:

The primary goal of the Champions League is to win and sign the official Champions League jersey, awarded to the annual winner of Division A.

  • Each season, the 11th and 12th place finishing teams in Division A will be demoted to Division B. The 11th place team will receive first priority in selecting the open roster they inherit in Division B.

  • Each season, both the winner and runner-up of Division B will be promoted to Division A, replacing the 11th and 12th place teams exiting Division A.

  • The winner of Division B will have first priority in selecting the open roster they inherit in Division A, and will receive the first pick in the annual 5MiLB snake draft in Division A.

  • Any owner that fails to reach 15,000 points in Division B will be relegated and replaced with a new owner before the conclusion of arbitration for the following season. Replacement owners will be selected from the Ottoneu community (at the discretion of the commissioner) and must have at least one additional Ottoneu championship on their resume to qualify for entry.

  • Any incoming replacement owners for Division B will have priority above demoted Division A owners in selecting the open roster in Division B they want to inherit.

  • The 2017 winner of Division A of the Ottoneu Champions League will earn the right to select the MLB team representing the official Ottoneu Champions League jersey trophy.

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Full list of 2017 Champions League A (530) owners:


Full list of 2017 Champions League B (725) owners:


There is currently no rule that determines how League A (530) replaces a non-relegated owner for the upcoming season. Heading in 2018, we need to replace one owner that will not be relegated. As a member of @Champions please vote on the following addition to the league rules:

How should a non-relegated owner be replaced in League A (530)?

  • The 3rd place finish team in B will replace the abandoned team in A
  • The 11th place finishing team in A will not be relegated; Either the 1st or 2nd team in B will claim the abandoned team in A

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Per the league poll, going forward the 3rd place finisher in B will earn the right to select the final open roster in A when a team in A (530) is abandoned.


2017 Champions

Congratulations to @keefsmitty (530) and @kmcabee (725) for winning the 2017 @Champions League title in each respective division. Well done!




In 2018, the minimum points threshold in B (725) will:

  • REMAIN 15,000
  • INCREASE to 16,000

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This jersey will be selected by @keefsmitty for being the 2017 winner of


I’d like to welcome the following new additions to the @Champions league for 2018:


And @keefsmitty get to be the first signee of the official jersey!


Congrats to @henton for winning the Champions League (530) in 2018. New signature will look good on this trophy.


For the 2019 season, I’d like to welcome @walkerpilot, @bond224, @bdmorris.jr, @woolkins, and @BrassMonkey to the @Champions league 725. Very glad to have you this season.