Ottoneu Champions League Opening

We have at least one roster available in the Ottoneu @Champions league (725) for the 2020 season. Please let @hernandez17 know of your interest as he will be commissioner for next season. Please review the league charter before reaching out so all rules are reviewed (this league involves relegation).

Charter: Ottoneu Champions League Charter

I won my SABR points league this season and I’d be interested in an opening in Champs B.

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I believe my co-owner (@thebostinian) messaged you guys about this already, but we are definitely interested. We won #948 this year and topped the global standings. Thanks for the heads up!

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Starting to plan for '20 - correct to assume that all Champs B slots are filled at this point or should we still be looking at that as a possibility?

Thanks for the interest. Right now this league is full be we are always looking for folks to join at the end of each season, so check back in again in September probably and we’ll have a better feel for how many openings next year

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