New league posted - Slow Start to March:

This is a vanilla $100 Fangraphs Points league that will have a slow auction every year on March 1 (perhaps later this year depending on time to fill spots).

You don’t care, but this commish got burned out (co-)presiding over multiple custom leagues a couple of years ago, so the concept here is to make operation as close to autopiloted as possible. That being said, active managers are certainly appreciated!

How many spots do you have left? I might be interested.


Still plenty of spots open, would figure you have at least until the weekend to make up your mind or ask questions. Won’t start this year’s slow auction until we have all 12 filled (meaning no hard March 1 deadline right now).

A couple of spots filled by first-year managers now. This could be a good opportunity for those new to ottoneu. Slow auction gives more time to consider selections, and I’ve provided a few helpful links to the first-years that I’d be happy to continue offering to others that sign on.

I just signed up for this league - there’s just two spots left, so now is a great time to join!

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Its been years since ive done a slow auction. How does it work on Ottoneu specifically?

All full up! Thanks to everyone that took a look.

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This is what Ottoneu knows about it :slight_smile:

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