New $250 League for the Spring

Looking for 12 strong players for a new league. If anyone is interested please let me know. I am sure I can get some players from other leagues to fill in but I would like to start a new league. Please reply if interested.

Hey, I might be interested. What are the parameters?

Points League I think but I am open to anything. I am in both a points league and a 5x5 roto. I think the points league would fill faster. Any ideas?

I would be a points league rookie, but I hear it’s a better format, so I’d be willing to give it a go, as long as it’s an active league. How many owners do you have so far?

I just posted it the other day, I think I can grab a few from the leagues I am in. I want to see how much interest I get from the post.

I’m interested and would vote for points league.

That is fine… I think most would like a pts league…Once we get about 9 teams in I can pull from some of the leagues I am in to fill it.

chefradish I tried to get into that $250 league that was looking for owners. The guy looking is not the commish and he told me I was in and then told me it was filled. I hope u have better luck. If not I will have this one up and running before the season starts.

This would be my first Ottoneu league, but I’m an experienced player. Looking for a new startup league. No preference between points or roto. Definitely interested.

What I am going to do is make a list of the first 12 people that post on here. I will contact everyone via message once we are full. Confirm that u want to get in and schedule a draft day. Paluszak I will add u to the list of teams and confirm once we are full. Glad to have u Ottoneu is a great format.

Foulballs yes I got a bait and switch on that other league as well, but in for this one.

foulballs what is format here? Any MiLB component? I’d likely be interested in joining the league, but would like to know a little more.

Chefradish u are in. Something is not right with that Bill guy he is looking to add guys and I dont think the league gave him that authority.
Drewoneill I am thinking of a 12 team points league. Ottoneu has most of the rules already in place for that type league. Any rules changes or additions would be agreed upon by all the teams in the league. This league will be run by the 12 teams in it. I want to form a league that will have the same guys in it for the long haul. Any questions I will be glad to answer. 40 man roster, $400 budget etc.

hello… i am new to Ottonueu but experienced fantasy player looking for an alternative to beating up my buddies. I am sure i have a lot to learn but wouild love to start a team from scratch with serious players committed for years. Please let me know if i can join. Thanks!

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I will add your name to the list…As soon as we get 12 I will send u a message. Glad to have u if u have any questions let me know. Be it touch soon…

Hi, I’m also interested in this League, but not 100% sure I’m fully committed yet. So I guess for now put me on the list and keep me posted with any developments.Thanks!

Would love to have u when I get close to 10 I will reach out to u and see your thoughts. I want to get 12 guys in the league that will stay in for the long haul. The other $250 league had 6 guys drop out so I am trying to get 12 guys in and avoid that issue. Sound good?

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4 more teams needed for a new $250 baseball points league.

Foulballs.I’m interested in your new league,& would love to be considered. I would need to know once you filled the league, so I could let you know for sure that I could commit. Thanks for your consideration.

Tim I am looking at an approximate Jan 15 date to have the league full. I will put u on the list and reach out when we get close to filling it.