New $250 League for the Spring

  1. Fb champ
  2. Kendog
  3. Chef radish
  4. Palusak
  5. Drew O’Neill
  6. Sick boy.
  7. Mcpontiff.
  8. Red leg.
    The above spots are currently being held for the upcoming $250 league. I hope to have it filled by Jan 15.


I’d like to be in also


Got u J.

  1. Jfoley


I’d like to join


I would also like to join


I got u guys in. As soon as I get one more guy I will send out a message to confirm everyone is in. Then look to set a draft day or two it usually takes some time to start from scratch.

  1. Dave
  2. Chet



I’d like to join. This will be my first Ottonueu league and I’d vote for points.


Looks like we’re filled up. Seems to be a few guys new to Ottoneu, including myself. Should be fun


Got u Steve u make 12. I sent a message out to everyone to confirm. Jfoley I have your confirmation. I will give everyone til 1-5 to confirm then I will set it up.


confirmed. so we settled on points? fine by me


I think most wanted pts.


Drew is out so right now we have 11. I will wait for confirmation from the rest. We have 11 waiting on one more.


Ok sorry Foulballs, I’m going to have to set out also. Not sure, at this point, if I could swing it. Sincerely sorry if I caused any issues. Thanks for your consideration.


No worries Tim. I will get it filled.



  1. Foul ball
  2. Chet
  3. Jfoley
  4. Steve

  1. Dave
    Other teams please confirm by 1-5

  1. Palu is in waiting on the rest.


Just to keep everyone up to date I am going to give the guys who indicated they want in a few more days to reply. I am just not 100 percent sure they all saw the message. Two spots are currently open for anyone new who wants in.


Foulballs - I would definitely be interested as well.

Thanks for setting it up.


Pretzel got u in as number seven.