New League Startup Draft

First time player here. I’m working on creating a draft plan for upcoming startup draft. Is there a way to view other new leagues (recent startup drafts) or is anyone able to export their drafts/player list?

Coming in with no experience, I’m trying to get a sense of team build, budgeting, what players actually get drafted as far as positional depth, number of hitters/pitchers/prospects, etc.


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The Auction Draft Spreadsheet in the draft tool kit (check out the post in Ottoneu tools) may help you get a sense of roster construction. But every one has different strategies on bench construction. Most of it, in my opinion, depends on your league rules. For example: in h2h if the GS cap is unlimited I’d aim for high number of SP on the bench. But with a low cap the bench swings to hitters for me.

I also plan on 2-6 prospects who are 1-2 years away. I don’t find, because of the yearly salary increase, prospects more than 2 years out to be useful/cost effective.

The player search page in Ottoneu lists average cost which can be helpful in understanding cost. However I’d also recommend the Surplus Calculator (also from the Ottoneu tools section of the community) to get an idea of what salary cost should be for players.

I don’t have a copy of our first draft as it was years ago in a different site. Sorry.


I have read quite a bit and built my own excel sheets for tracking everything. I feel like I have a good idea of how many of each position I’m looking for. The actual spending of the money is where I am really going in blind. I have created and started to tweak a draft list of players and projected values, but that doesn’t get me too far for getting an idea of what a completed roster might look like, which makes budgeting difficult.

You’re probably in better shape than you think. The Surplus Calculator I mentioned is one of my go to spots for quick projected value.

Roster construction is pretty individualized. Basically cover your minimum roster spots (check out the roster organizer page of your Ottoneu team for minimum roster spots to be filled).

Bench construction is the only thing you need to worry about that is different for Ottoneu (in that it is a larger roster). But don’t let it overwhelm you. Try to nab a few prospects at a reasonable price to plan for the future. Then fill just like you would in any other fantasy league. You just have a few more spots to play with. And don’t feel you need to fill all 40 spots. Save some $ for picking up in free agency right after the draft or throughout the year.

Consider checking out the Average Values page:

There’s a filter there for first year leagues only as well.

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This is great, thank you. Also, the positions on here help a ton, since I couldn’t get the pos on the FG auction calculator to work with pos mins

It’s an older post, but check this out as well: Typical Ottoneu Auction Results

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If you want to see exactly what’s happening in first year drafts this year, it’s helpful to know about this hidden link to a list of all the active leagues:

It looks like leagues numbered 1006 and up are new for 2019.

Draft results are accessible, and exportable, using the Draft Results links on those leagues’ home pages. Or you can hack the URL (can replace 1006 with any league number, obv.)

From one spreadsheet lover to another, welcome to paradise!

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