*New* Ottoneu Dynasty League

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Late last year I teased that I would be starting a new Ottoneu dynasty league in 2018 for @prospects junkies and lovers of deep leagues. I’ve finally settled on the rules for the new league and will outline them below. This will be an serious, active league with long term commitments and some custom enhancements. Please contact me if you are interested in joining for the inaugural 2018 season.

A formal league charter will be provided once the league is filled, but here are some key features of the Ottoneu Dynasty League:

  • FGPTS Scoring
  • 12 Teams
  • Prize League ($)
  • Annual League Trophy
  • Must be a member of the Ottoneu community
  • Expanded 5MiLB System
  • MiLB draft pick incentives based on GP & IP targets
  • Three (3) annual prospect drafts

Expanded 5MiLB System & Prospect Drafts
The Ottoneu Dynasty League will use an expanded version of the custom 5MiLB system. Entering the 2018 season, each owner will be eligible to draft (snake) 15 MiLB prospects (off roster) for $0 each following the conclusion of the initial 40 man player auction. These 15 prospects cannot be traded during the MLB regular season, but each owner will have the option of “churning” their 15 MiLB roster up to three times per year via prospect drafts.

  • The 1st MiLB draft (15 spots per owner) of each season will take place in March, following the league auction.
  • The 2nd MiLB draft of each season will take place during the All-Star break
  • The 3rd MiLB draft of each season will take place during the Ottoneu arbitration period (usually October 15th - November 15th)

Owners may cut MiLB players at any time during the season but may only add MiLB players to their 15 max roster during one of the three annual prospect drafts above. Owners can call up a MiLB player to their 40 man roster at any time during the year for a cost of $1 (commish will add the player to the owner’s roster using commish tools).

Prospect Draft Pick Incentives
To reward active owners, the total number of MiLB slots owners may carry in subsequent seasons (2019+) will be awarded based on GP and IP thresholds. For 2018, each owner will begin the season with 15 MiLB roster slots, but each owner must “earn” up to the maximum of 15 roster slots going forward. Here are the GP and IP thresholds for earning MiLB roster slots:

For example, an owner would need to hit at least 7125 AB’s and 1,500 IP by the end of the 2018 season to keep the maximum number of MiLB roster slots for the entire 2019 season. If an owner finishes the 2018 season earning only up to 12 MiLB roster slots, they would be required to cut three MiLB players from their MiLB roster prior to the October (arbitration) prospect draft, and their next chance to earn up to 15 slots would be based on their 2019 GP & IP achievements at season’s end.

There are several goals here:

  1. Prospect “junkies” will enjoy the opportunity of scouting and owning deep minor leaguers for long periods of time “off roster”, which protects prospects from arbitration salary increases (hence “dynasty”).
  2. Successful and active, and engaged owners (those that hit GP & IP thresholds) will be rewarded with a higher number of chances to “hit the lottery” in the form of prospects (via the # of MiLB slots).
  3. The league will have year-round action in the form of three new prospect drafts.
  4. A fun, deep, active league should create great long-term relationships among owners, with a goal of making this a league that lasts for years and years with good ownership.

If anyone in @trust_level_1 or @trust_level_2 or @trust_level_3 has interest in joining this type of league, please contact me, and/or feel free to post questions here if you need clarification before expressing interest. If more than twelve owners are interested in joining, I will probably prioritize playing with people that are not in other leagues with me. I would like to have the league filled by no later than 9/13.


I am very interested in such a league. Thanks Trey!


I am also interested in this league


I would love to join this league it sounds amazing!


Most definitely interested! Thanks


Would like to know what the entry fee is, pls. Thx.


Good question: Entry fee will be $50/year. Prizes will be:
$300 (1st)
$100 (2nd)
$75 (3rd)
$50 (4th)
$50 (5th
$25 (6th)


I am very interested in an active league that also digs deeper.


Count me in also! Just one question, when do you have to call up a milb player to your roster? Is it once they are on a major league roster or maybe when they lose prospect status?


I would definitely be interested in joining this league.


You have to call up a prospect once they have either one MLB PA or IP. We use this same rule in other 5MiLB leagues and it seems to make it simple


Very interested, cheers!


I’m interested in joining


I would definitely be interested. Really like the way the incentives for MiLB are tied to MLB activity.


Perfect, I haven’t played in a 5milb league before so I wasn’t sure how it worked, but I like that rule.


I am curious about one thing. The total payouts seem to be greater than the entry fees.


thanks, a reasonable amount. Yes, I would like to join.


I have interest in this.


I’d be interested…


I too am interested in the proposed league. :slight_smile: