*New* Ottoneu Dynasty League

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MiLB prospects can be traded during the off season (November - March, just before standard auction).


An example of what a 5MiLB roster looks like here.


This looks interesting Trey. Well thought out.


Interested, if you have enough interest I can comish (would prefer another comish with me) another league.


I’ll throw my name in as well (for either this league or a sister league if there is enough interest).


Looks like you have a ton of interest but I’ll put my name in the hat as well.


It’s looking like there is a lot of interest, so I will post the full rules today or tomorrow so everyone can review, and if a 2nd similar league wants to adopt the same format, that would be great. Sounds like @swindaman3 is willing to commish, too


I would be very interested in joining!


I’d love to get into something like this!


I would also be very interested in this type of league if there are still spots open.


I dont know if im qualified, but id definitley be interested.


I have posted the official rules for this new league here. Please read over carefully and if still interested in joining, let me know.


Hey all,
I’m also interested if there are still any open spots.


This sounds pretty awesome to me, I’d totally be in if you still have a spot available.


Hey Trey, I’m definitely up for this - sounds great.


Hey Trey,

I’m definitely into this and would love to be considered.



I’m #420 and SPH in those leagues.



I’d like to do it if you have room.


I’m definitely still keen after checking the rules.


Great. Welcome. I’ll be in touch soon


looks like you have plenty of interest and it’s probably full, but I’m a REALLY active owner and a prospect nerd. I would love to join this league So if it’s not all full, count me in. I’m more active in my leagues than I am the ottonue community.