*New* Ottoneu Dynasty League

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Have looked over the rules and still keen. Thanks!


Are there still available spots?


This league (836) is now full, but there has been a lot of interest and I believe @swindaman3 suggested he’d be willing to commish (or co-commish) another very similar league with the same rules so that all others can join.

Here are the rules for anyone interesting in finding out more: Ottoneu Dynasty League (836) Charter (est. 2017)


Really appreciate all the interest in the Dynasty League idea. We’ve filled the league, but @swindaman3 has expressed interest in creating another league just like it. If you still have interest in that league, please let him know as soon as possible. Both leagues will use the same rules.

@swindaman3 the following people were interested and may still be available for the 2nd league:


Anyone want to raise the bar even higher and make this a no loans league?


The second league has been set up, shoot me a message if interested.


I’m interested if you still have spots.


I’m interested too.


I am interested if you have room.


I’m interested in the 2nd league


i am interested in the new dynasty league idea


A couple spots remain.


I’m in Mr. Swindaman