Notification Emails Missing?

Just noticed this as I cut a player about two hours ago and never received the standard email of a cut in my league.

Double checked and I haven’t received anything since about 12 PM Central even though multiple transactions have been made since, resulting in roughly a half dozen missing notifications.

Potential system issue? Have checked my spam folder and nothing hiding there…

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I spent some time here and I can confirm that Gmail accounts are not receiving Ottoneu emails. However, we are not being blocked as spam by Gmail and some of my test emails have gone through without issue. Emails are being sent correctly and I believe users who have Yahoo or other email addresses are receiving them.

So, I know this is not on my end, it does seem to be on Google’s end, though it is not because Google has deemed Ottoneu as spam. It’s pretty late here so I am going to look at this with fresh eyes tomorrow and hope that the issue somehow resolves itself overnight in the meantime.

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Just got an Ottoneu email to my Gmail account so maybe they are starting to come through…

It looks like AWS, who sends our email, is being temporarily blocked as a spammer by Gmail. This is obviously affecting a LOT of people, not just Ottoneu. I’m going to look into what we can do to mitigate it, but I imagine a few different affected parties are looking into this in parallel.


Two auctions were started this morning within 5 minutes of each other. I received a notification at my gmail account for one, but not the other. Weird. Not sure that this helps at all, but thought I would share the observation in case it does.

Just had one show up for an auction that was started, but 10 minutes late…progress!?

Yeah, Gmail is rate-limiting all emails from AWS right now, so nothing we can do. You can change your email to another email provider if you want.


We’re still seeing elevated bounce rates and I’m working on both AWS and Gmail to get this resolved as soon as possible.


Still seeing these bounces at a significantly elevated rate for Gmail. I’m trying a few new things with AWS after digging into this issue further and hope to have an update by EOD.


Not sure if this helps niv but I was recieving sporadic emails Friday and early yesterday then it stopped again around 8:00 am yesterday. Nothing since.

Thanks for the update. I’ve slowed how many emails we are sending to Gmail and am still waiting for AWS to acknowledge this issue, which is starting to affect more companies than just Ottoneu.

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Baseball notification emails are starting to be sent again to Gmail addresses. I am monitoring for bounces.

Still having most bounced it seems :frowning:

I think they are just on a massive delay. I’m not seeing the bounce notifications I saw before, but I got an email like 4 hours late yesterday.

AWS Simple Email Service, which Ottoneu has used for 5+ years at this point, has multiple IPs being rate-limited by Gmail. Both Gmail and AWS do not really acknowledge this in the tools I have access to - Gmail says all the IPs we are sending from have a 100% high reputation, and AWS SES says we have a 0% reputational bounce rate. These things are both obviously not true, as Gmail accounts are not receiving emails in any kind of a timely manner right now.

I have opened support cases with both AWS and Gmail. This seems to be mostly on AWS’s side in my estimation. Hopefully they will acknowledge this issue with me soon and show me a path towards resolution. Otherwise I will start investigating alternate email providers.


Just wanted to say this level of transparency and action on issues is so refreshing and is a major reason I’ve continued to use and recommend Ottoneu. Thanks for all the great work.


Thanks for the kind words. Between the payment stuff and now this email thing, it has been a really stressful summer but I think we are close to turning a corner.

However on the email front specifically, I’m seeing elevated bounces again so I am going to reduce the number of emails we are sending to Gmail again. Emails directly to a specific user (i.e. a trade offer, or a new message) will continue to be sent, but the overall league notifications will have to be throttled until AWS SES gives me some hint of what is going on.


I received this message from AWS support this morning:

The SES Team are already aware and investigating the issue surrounding Gmail rejecting emails sent from SES. Due to the nature of the issue and coordination required with Gmail support, they are not able to provide an ETA as yet.

On one hand, this is frustrating because there is no ETA for resolution. However, this is the first concrete acknowledgement I’ve seen of this issue, and AWS and Google engineers are working in tandem on it. I also have confirmed that this issue is not due to any changes in the emails Ottoneu has sent, and as a result Ottoneu should not be flagged as spam once our emails are back online.

I’ll update when I know more!


Let me get this straight. Two monopolies whose combined revenue would place them as the 5th largest economy in the world* are pointing fingers at each other while decent, hard-working folk bear the brunt of their ostentatious saber-rattling? I don’t believe it.

*Just How Big are Apple and Other Tech Giants? | Mackeeper

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They are mostly working together but yeah basically.

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