Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Carlos Rincon


Carlos Rincon has been added


Dear Mr. Shah,

I’m very sorry to bother you with this, but whenever you have a free moment in your busy schedule can you please add Mitch White ( and Carter Kieboom ( to the universe of professional baseball players that are eligible for your wonderful ottoneu fantasy baseball game?

Warmest regards,


Mitch White and Carter Kieboom have been added


First time posting, sorry if this is wrong in some way.

Can we get J.T. Riddle (Miami) added?


J.T. Riddle has been added


Can you add Jose Torres, SDP?


Jose Torres has been added


Aramis Garcia -



Aramis Garcia has been added


Please add Jon Duplantier - DBacks A SP


Jon Duplantier has been added


Will you please add Mario Feliciano - C - Brewers. In Low A right now.


Mario Feliciano has been added


Could you add Jarlin Garcia - P Miami


Jarlin Garcia has been added


Could you add Tyler Mahle? Starting pitcher in Reds org. AA Pensacola. Hope I did that right. If not I apologize.


I think he’s already in the system. His player ID is 19422. Make sure to include minor leaguers when you search.


Your right.,I’m sorry.


No worries at all!