Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Trevor Richards has been added


Could you add Adrian Morejon, SD SP prospect?


He seems to already be in the system, player ID 23672. No position yet because he doesn’t have a FanGraphs card yet.


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Hey Niv, can you add Miguel Diaz, RP for San Diego?


Miguel Diaz has been added.


Am I wrong in thinking pitchers didn’t have to go through the position qualification?



Sometimes reading through everything helps, just figured I was wrong. Thanks Niv!


Hey Niv, could you add Jose Leclerc, RP for the Rangers


Jose Leclerc has been added


Can you add James Pazos from SEA to the system?


James Pazos has been added. Friendly reminder to everyone: please include a link to their FanGraphs page if at all possible. Thanks!


Patrick wisdom


Patrick Wisdom has been added


Shohei Otani? I saw a post earlier about him and the response being that only players signed by MLB teams being allowed, but I seem to remember Darvish being owned a year before he came to MLB in League 52.


Please read the top post in the very thread you are posting to:

I used to add players all the time, but that was too much to manage. As of 2 years ago, the player must sign with a major league org.


Figured that applied to the draft, didn’t realize you’d changed rules on NPB players, thought it was worth the ask considering I remembered Darvish was in early. Thanks.


Can you please add Bo Bichette?


Bo Bichette has been added.