Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Justin Dunn has been added


could you please add Jose Osuna, Pirates prospect…


For reasons unknown, he is in the system as Jose Ozuna. Player ID 12769. I will rename him shortly.


Awesome. Thanks for the quick response


Would you please add Brian Anderson (3b in Miami system) and Antonio Senzatela (Sp in Rockies system) to the player pool? Apologies if I missed them.



Can you add Greg Bird, NYY 1B


Our boy Greg goes by Gregory in Ottoneu (for now). I’ll rename him at some point this season I think.


Brian Anderson and Antonio Senzatela have been added


Adam Frazier 2B Pittsburgh Pirates



Adam Frazier is definitely in there. Not sure how you’re searching. His player ID is 19348.


Can you add Jacob May…CWS outfielder?


Jacob May has been added


Ok thanks. Sorry new this year. How do you search by ID #

Appreciate the help!


You can’t, but you can type in the ID on the player card page.

You also should be able to search by ‘Frazier’ and include minor leaguers (just in case) and find him.


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Is Taylor Motter in the Ottoneu universe? Can’t find him in my league


Please review the updated rules to this thread



Could you add Trevor Richards to the system. Marlins minor league pitcher:



Schwarber is here but can he be updated to OF eligible based on the spring? He’s currently Util…


Spring training games don’t have an impact on eligibility.