Position eligibility for newly added players

Can May be used as an outfielder because right now it only says utility?

I’ll update the topic to say this, but positions are added overnight and I just added that player so his eligibility isn’t reflected yet.

Ok so it’ll be added before the season starts?

positions are added overnight

I think there are multiple nights before the season starts. :slight_smile:

Jae-Gyun Hwang still listed under “other players” - not that it matters, since he’s in AAA to begin the season. I just wondered if there was an ETA as to when he’ll show up under my position player list for Roster Organizer, Lineups, etc.?

He doesn’t have a FanGraphs ID yet (search FanGraphs for him). This is true for all players who are listed as “Other” - either they don’t have a FanGraphs ID yet or they haven’t been linked yet.

I see - do you know when that happens? Or is it entirely up to FanGraphs?

FanGraphs doesn’t add players on their own, which is the main reason the Ottoneu player universe differs from the FanGraphs one. They rely on their stat providers, who generally add new players when they start playing.

I seem to recall that minor league ball starts a little bit delayed from MLB, so I am guessing when Jae-Gyun Hwang’s minor league affiliate gets a regular season game in, he’ll get a FanGraphs ID.

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