Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Yairo Munoz and Randy Arozarena have been added!


Please add John Brebbia


John Brebbia has been added


chris flexen, please


Chris Flexen has been added!


Jeren Kendall please.


Jeren Kendall has been added


Mitch garver


Mitch Garver has been added


rays prospect wander samuel franco


red sox prospect daniel flores


padres prospect mackenzie gore


royals prospect nick pratto


Wander Franco and Mackenzie Gore are already in the system.

Nick Pratto and Daniel Flores have been added.


Hey Niv,

the wander franco that’s in there is a 20 year old Astros 3B prospect.

this kid Wander Samuel Franco is a 16 year old Rays SS who just signed


Dang okay! Let me look into this then.


Wander Samuel Franco has been added


can you also double check the Daniel Flores that’s in the system? The one I was referring to is another 16-year-old catching prospect in the red sox system, who just signed this month.

the only Daniel Flores that pops up when I do a search is a 19 year old guy who, it looks like, has been playing in the Mexican league.

Thanks man.


I guess these international free agents aren’t in the FanGraphs system yet. I’ve added another Daniel Flores as a placeholder for the new kid.


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