Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Could you add HOU RHP Josh James to the pool? Thanks


Niv, my maaaan, how ya livin??? Pretty please add future MVP Kristian Robinson OF ARI


Nico Hoerner, Grant Lavigne, Jordyn Adams, Greyson Jenista and Luken Baker have all been added


Josh James was in the system as Joshua James - I’ve updated his name.


Kristian Robinson has been added


Could I please get Cole Winn, RHP, TEX added?



Cole Winn has been added


Can you add Brice Turang? Thanks…


Brice Turang has been added


Please add Richard Palacios of CLE


Richard Palacios has been added



Could you add the following:

Jameson Hannah, OF OAK
Gage Canning, OF WAS
Jordan Groshans, 3B TOR
Steele Walker, OF CHW



Jameson Hannah, Gage Canning, Jordan Groshans, and Steele Walker have all been added


Wander Franco SS with the Tampa Bay Rays in R

Weird baseball thing - there are two Wander Franco’s in the Giants farm system? Both 3b… it’s either that or he lied about his age and then they updated it? Anyway it’s weird and exists in FG and BP.


The Rays guy is Wander Samuel Franco in the system. I’ll check into these various Wander Francos and report back! It may be like Rougned Odor, who has a little brother with his same name in the Rangers system.


Wander Franco (Rule 5 Draft - Minors) - He is the son of Wander Franco, and brother of Wander Franco and…Wander Franco. Seriously. Hope the Giants got the one they wanted (isn’t that right, Aaron Bond?). This Franco is a 23-year old shortstop who hit .279/.319/.376 in High-A last season with the Wilmington Blue Rocks of the Royals system.

Good luck, Wander Franco owners.


Haven’t personally come across this before: Are there two of the same Michael Reed’s in the system?

Same DOB and it goes to the same Fangraphs page.


Very possible.

I’ll get rid of one of them shortly.


It is, sorry about that Niv! Hopefully the other two guys were of entertainment. Thanks!


Will you please add Ronny Mauricio to the player list, he’s on the Mets GCL team. Thanks.