Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

Ha that was quick. I’ll get players added tonight


You the man, thanks for all your awesome work

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Eric Brown, MIL

Connor Noland, Druw Jones, and Eric Brown have all been added to the player pool.


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Can you please add Kumar Rocker, RHP, to the player pool?


Kumar Rocker has been added to the player pool


Jackson Holliday

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Jackson Holliday has been added to the player pool

Brooks Lee, SS, Min. Twins

Termarr Johnson, SS, Pitt Pirates

Zach Neto, SS, LA Angels

Brooks Lee, Termarr Johnson and Zach Neto have been added to the player pool

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spencer jones nyy first round pick please !

can we please also get:

Jacob Berry MIA 1st rounder
Elijah Green WAS 1st rounder
Kevin Parada NYM 1st rounder
Jett Williams NYM other 1st rounder haha
Chase DeLauter CLE 1st rounder
Gavin Cross KC 1st rounder
Daniel Susac OAK 1st rounder
Zach Neto LAA 1st rounder
Jace Jung DET 1st rounder

it was reported all first rounders have signed.

does this with the signing bonus’ suffice??

thanks in advance!!

Jacob Berry was already in the system, as he has reported to the MIA CPX team already.

Zach Neto was added a couple of days ago

The following players have been added to the player pool:

Spencer Jones
Elijah Green
Kevin Parada
Jett Williams
Chase DeLauter
Gavin Cross
Daniel Susac
Jace Jung

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Please add Cam Collier (3B) Reds

Cam Collier has been added


Niv, when do these new draftees typically get their FG profile? I have a list of others I was hoping to see added but no sense in my mind to be in a rush to add them to Ottoneu before they’re in FG

It’s a good question- they generally need to report to a team somewhere in the org, be it complex site or short season A or full A at the start of next season. I say if you have someone you want to start an auction for or stash on a watchlist, take advantage of this thread.

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