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Merrill Kelly is currently listed as UTIL rather than SP. would it be possible change his designation?

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Merrill Kelly should show up as a SP tomorrow.


Kyle Zimmer is currently listed as utility but is a SP

Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

He didn’t pitch in 2018 so he has to re-earn eligibility. This is true for most guys who are showing up as Util instead of SP. I’d prefer to only add SP eligibility to players who are coming from Korea or Japan - everyone else should have to earn it.


In cases like Zimmer, or anyone with Util designation, can they be drafted/picked up as a Util and then their eligibility will update? Or do you create a new player once he gets certain eligibility back?


Player stays the same- eligibility is edited.


Positional eligibility updates between 4 and 4:30am ET every day.


I’m going to reverse course here. Pitchers who sat out a year due to injury should be manually made pitchers again, rather than re-earning eligibility. I’m not going to manually add SP for guys in rookie ball who just signed, but for guys coming off injury who expect to play in the majors immediately, a manual override does make sense.

Zimmer should have pitching eligibility tomorrow morning.