OPL bad beat :(

Tough break in my first week of OPL. Given this can happen sometimes, I’m curious about the 2 SP daily limit. It’s not like you can intentionally construct a team to avoid this unless you get two teams’ full rotations. Why limit to 2 SP per day when other positions get to use essentially 100% of their points?

OPL bad beat

The first reason that comes to mind to me is that any more than 2 SP per day and you wildly overemphasize SP in OPL. As it is 2 SP/day, which was the original H2H option, already puts a lot of emphasis on having a ton of depth at SP. 1 SP/day is too little, 3 SP/day is too much, so 2 SP/day works. Maybe there would be an argument to be made to limit SP per week rather than per day, but I would guess that is an order of magnitude more complex to program for Niv.


That’s interesting. My intuition is that pitchers and hitters score roughly the same amount and you rarely seem to leave any hitter points on the bench, so it wouldn’t be unbalanced to let SPs bank all their points on days when you have more than 2 going. Obviously my intuition isn’t worth bunk, so I’m happy to defer to Justin (or anyone else) with more OPL experience. I’m curious how you’d put this to a test – maybe looking at the points “lost” to full lineups for pitchers and hitters and seeing if SPs get punished more than other positions?

Not sure if you saw this from last year, but it’s worth taking a lot at re: filling SP slots with positive points:


At least you aren’t like me and forgot that 60 day IL stints count as a roster spot. I’m missing out on the Kwan hotness. :expressionless:

This is an awesome write-up – thanks for sharing! And it’s nice(?) to know that my 70 excluded points from yesterday was about a 1 in 1000 event.

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