Otani's Future Eligibility at SP & UTIL

In a thread from last year, nivshah wrote:
Making a broad, massive change to how users will think about pitchers and how to build their team all for Shohei Otani seems like a bit of an overreaction as of right now. Let me see a full year of him in the majors with a team that is willing to deploy him the way we all salivate over, and let me see the number of innings or homers people miss out on because they put Otani in the wrong slot, and let me see Otani hit and pitch like the Japanese Babe Ruth he is claimed to be (keeping in mind it is 2017 and not 1920) and then in the fall of 2018 we can and should revisit this conversation. Because of Otani does all of that stuff, that would definitely be something to root for.

Assuming Otani’s posting and signing with an MLB team becomes a reality, Nivshah, can you clarify how his stats will be accounted for in Ottoneu?

From the above I gather his pitching and hitting stats won’t both count on any given day. But will he be eligible at SP and UT on different days?

This thread covers the answer for players who may be usable as both position players and pitchers.

Before Otani, there was Bethancourt. The proposal in that thread is what is implemented on the site - pick either pitching or hitting on a given day/week for players who both pitch and hit.

He will be treated like any other player with multiple earned position eligibilities - no different from a 1B/OF. SP won’t come and go depending on the day or anything.


Bumping this, since Ohtani’s signing and addition to the Ottoneu Player Universe is very close to being upon us.

TL;DR is there will be one Shohei Ohtani, he will have eligibility at SP and Util, and you will receive either hitting or pitching stats from him depending on where you play him in your lineup.


will he earn typical position eligibility as he makes defensive starts and appearances?


the answer was in the thread above

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Here’s an interesting article on how ESPN and other sites might handle the “Ohtani Rule” https://www.baseballamerica.com/majors/ohtanis-effect-on-fantasy/#fmuugUOPAlHR0KwZ.97

Average salary estimate?

Almost 50 votes so far suggest at least $40

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Oh cool, thanks.