Otto Champions/Prestige League?

I’ve been playing Otto 5x5 and 4x4 for 7 years now and I love it, whether I’m competing or rebuilding I love the game and community. My question is…are there Champion (prestige?) leagues available, what is the criteria to play or get an invite?
I have won a couple of championships the past few years and would like to compete in a league like that. I would be willing to pick up an abandoned team if necessary.
Would appreciate anyone’s feedback or advice. Thanks Steve

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We introduced a Prestige League last year:

In order to enter you need to finish top-6 in a OPL-eligible 12-team league and then join before it sells out in March next year. You can see how teams are doing in its second year just ahead of the playoff cut and read the rules on the OPL site:

There are also a few leagues that require you have won a league in order to join them, but I can’t speak directly to those.

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