Ottobasket Dollar Values

I made an app for calculating dollar values for players. Basically pulls stats and then does some calculations to find projected production for each of the different scoring formats and converts that to a dollar value. It’s more of a beta version right now since I’m still working on finding and incorporating a games played number. Some kinks to work out with the UI, too. Hopefully y’all find it helpful though!

Feel free to ask questions


Full readme:


Very cool!

Would it be possible to tweak the CSV download to include Ottoneu team name and the players’ salaries in the selected league? It would save a step in merging. from the Ottoneu roster export for further analysis.

Yeah definitely. I want to adjust the flow for how the filtering and selecting a league works. Hopefully get it to where the CSV that is downloaded matches what’s on the screen, as I think that makes the most sense in general. No timeline at the moment, but I’ll post here when I get around to it

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Still working on the presentation side of things especially as it’s getting a lil busy now, but just updated my app to include:

  1. Rest of season values using games and minutes forecasts from hashtag basketball. Obv the season is over so these are 0 but I tested it on some saved data from right before the season is over. Tl;dr is that healthy and active stars at the end of the year are massively valuable. IDK how accurate the hashtag basketball games / minutes forecasts are, but for now that’s what I’m using. This will update once a day when the season restarts
  2. Year to date values using the Ottoneu leaderboard - thanks Niv for adding that! As the season is over, this is basically how much value the players provided during the season. Caveat being that this is agnostic as to whether the player was rostered in Ottoneu. Perhaps this will be useful for arbitration!

LMK if you have any questions.

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