OttoGraphs Podcast 2.0

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We plan on recording a new episode or two of the podcast this weekend, it’s been a long time since the last one, but we’re excited to get back to recording this regularly.

For our first episode back we plan on interviewing @nivshah , and we’re also planning on discussion auction strategies and prospects in ottoneu. If you have any questions you’d like answered on the podcast, feel free to reply in this thread and we’ll try to get to them. Thanks!


Great idea. This is a great platform and the best way to play dynasty baseball. Push Niv for a live draft in DC next year. Maybe $500 league fee. Second question is can we establish a thread for the posting of owners who claim 14 teams in the off season then drop out before the league fee is due. I know Niv’s new deadline will address some of these issues.I have 10 great owners in a league I run and I want to make sure they have the best fantasy year they can have. Thanks Pet looking forward to the podcast.


I’d love it if you talked about some of the differences in player value from more standard fantasy games and Ottoneu, specifically from the perspective of maximizing value based on public fantasy perception. I used this last year to deal $19 Jose Berrios for $48 Manny Machado straight up, and I ended up winning the league. The perception was that Berrios was at that time highly valued in “general” fantasy circles, while he was just ok in our 4x4 league. Anything thoughts on that kind of arbitrage I think would be fun.


ICYMI for those in the @Community we’ll be re-lauching the “OttoGraphspodcast very soon and would love to have your feedback on Ottoneu-specific topics to cover this year. Please feel free to post suggestions here and we’ll do our best to weave them into the mix.


Two thoughts:

  1. Understanding the incentives of your opponents and how to capitalize
  2. How the bananas trade rules combine with 1 to shape player values


I think it would be interesting to hear about how to approach prospects in Ottoneu. What is a general cutoff for how many prospects should be rostered in a given league. Top 20? Top 50? How to deal with prospect proximity and its relation to yearly contract increases and inflation. How to approach a first year draft where one team is obviously hoarding prospect talent.