Ottoneu 20 Team League

I believe Niv has indicated it is possible for him to setup a 20 team Ottoneu league. I have been gauging interest for a couple of weeks and have a list of 10-12 owners who have expressed interest. While I believe it will be pretty easy to fill and would be a ton of fun with the right owners, I’ve decided I do not have the personal bandwidth this season to create, organize, or recruit for this league in 2019. However, I’d be happy to play (FGPTS), and can even assist a commissioner if some else from the community wants to take the lead in forming the league. I can also provide the list of owners who have already reached out with interest. Prize levels would need to be determined as would the best approach to auctioning or initial roster building.

Please let me know if anyone takes this ball and runs with it. Happy to help in any way I can.

This would be a one-off league for 2019, with an eye towards making it a standard option in 2020.

Tempted to raise my hand. With 20 teams, higher degree of dropouts after a season so I’d insist on 2 year league fees (ie initially pay 2019 and deposit 2020, and then in season 2 deposit for 2021, and so on). This provides substitute owners a cover on their first rebuilding season. Thoughts?

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I woild be interested, not in commish but would play. 2 yr committment good idea, maybe three?

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I’d be willing to try it out. I’d rather it were 4x4 or 5x5, but still would be interesting with fgpts. super intriguing idea.

If no one stepped up to commish, I’d be willing to do that as well to get it off and running. I also think something like this would absolutely be better as a two or even three year buy in to limit drops. but as a one year experiment anyway, I’m still willing to try it out knowing it might not keep.

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My remaining worry is how to schedule a 20 team live auction and the insane amount of time that would run. Personally I couldn’t do it.

Thoughts on an offline silent auction? Each team submits bids to the Commish via Google Sheet (Google Sheet shows version history so Commish couldn’t cheat on his bids). Winning bid for a player is $1 more than the second highest bid. Nominated players run in order of highest Ottoneu average. Any tie bid for a player is decided by a rotating queue.

I predict a silent auction would take 1/50th of the time as a live 20 team auction.


the draft would have to be in at least three waves and a two yr buy in a must.

I agree, some form of silent auction is the only managable way of getting something like this done.

I still think it would need to be done in waves though in order to get all the rosters filled. Maybe every team nominates 20 players to start, silent auction occurs, then go on to the next round doing the same thing until rosters are 80-90% full. The rest is handled via in season auctions.

The other option is that there is no draft at all, and all rosters are filled via in-season blind auction mechanics.

That’s a great idea: use the system Ottoneu already offers with the in-season silent auction mechanic.

@nivshah possible to enable this mechanic as an option for preseason auctions in one form of another? (ideally with a cap for active auctions)

Yes I believe that is why @pab24000 suggested it. Commissioners can turn off the Auction Draft whenever they want and 48-hour auctions become live immediately. Many leagues have done that to fill in the last few roster spots before the season starts.

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Sweet, thanks for informing me.

@LuckyStrikes – ok I’m willing to be commish if it’s thumbs up for turning OFF the auction draft and using the 48-hour auction mechanic to run a silent auction. Perhaps we can form some rules around it so it’s not every player being auctioned at once.


Why not use a slow draft on couch managers? Might be a little closer to a traditional Otto auction such that you can better understand the effects of 20 teams vs 12 without having to account for a wildly different auction landscape.

Looks like a promising solution. Have you used for an Ottoneu league before? Is the post-auction data transfer manual?

I have not used Couch Managers but I’m intrigued by just using the standard 48 hour in-season silent auction process to fill out rosters. It would be easy enough to test if we start the league by allowing each owner to nominate just one player and see how it goes with the first 12 players.

For reference @millercharley some of the owners that have expressed interest in joining the 20 team league include:

Sweet, I’ll try to get this moving today.

@nivshah please assist with initiating a 20 team league.

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Was any $ tier discussed?

If you start a $20 league with the settings you want, I will manually change it to allow 20 teams.

For league sizes other than 12, the base tier is all that is available.

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League 1053. Thanks the support!

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Ok, league 1053 now allows 20 owners to join. Keep me in the loop if you run into issues - this is going to be the biggest Ottoneu league ever and I’m sure there are all kinds of things not fully considered for a league this big.

Should be really fun, good luck everyone!