Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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This morning the score was only off by a tenth of a point and Levy, not Bluth, was the winner. Were there stat corrections or something that were applied today?




championship repeat for my team


Championship winner here!


My first time playing Ottoneu! I was having a good time anyway, but the championship sure doesn’t hurt!


Hey, championship for my team. Thanks!




And 20k by the skin of my teeth.


3rd league title for me!!


Congrats Chad! I’ll have to settle for second in the career grand slam race, assuming I ever get there!



Well done Chad!


I don’t know the answer to this so I will bring in @nivshah. I think there were some stat corrections made earlier in the season.


And a winner five out of the last seven years - very impressive!


Two leagues titles for me in my first year -


I’ve added a badge for both of these titles



Casa Cubana 2017 Champion “Tourney at Harrenhal” with a score of 112 in a 5x5 league.



So he won’t come on here and mention it himself but I think what @Vic_Liu did this season is amazing. He completed the Otto Slam in one year! League numbers are 361, 480, 547, and 645. He needs some type of badge named after him