Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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That’s an incredible feat as Vic told me as well. I know people struggled to do it at all, but to do it in one season, is mind boggling.




Wow guys, that’s amazing.

I didn’t know anyone had done that - let alone all in one season…

@luckystrikes - is there any kind of reward for a one year grand slam for Vic?



@chy924 has a career grand slam after winning a SABR league this year, but I’m not aware of anyone else that has won all four formats, much less in a single season. Stunning accomplishment for Vic!


Scored a three-peat championship in UZR Friendly (90, with 20,119 points and a repeat championship in 303 ( with 18,725.



Grand Slam

I have confirmed that @Vic_Liu is the first ever single season “Grand Slam” champion, winner of all four Ottoneu scoring formats in the same season. This is an impressive accomplishment and I’ve awarded @Vic_Liu with an elite “Grand Slam” badge. Well done sir.

5x5 Champion (2017):
FGPTS Champion (2017):
SABR Champion (2017):
4x4 Champion (2017):

Ottoneu Grand Slam

I’m not sure a single season slam will ever happen again, so be sure to recognize @chy924 for his career Grand Slam as well! I hope to earn that badge myself eventually, I just need a 4x4 victory.

Ottoneu Grand Slam

Thanks for helping with a very first fun season!


Also I don’t believe I got one for 2015:


I’ve awarded the Grand Slam badge to @chy924 - well earned!


You’ve earned one for both!




What on Earth are these trust levels and badges. Goodness…


OH, whoops… thanks Justin

Congratulations @chy924 on the career grand slam


Well earned! Looks like a pretty close battle in 812


First year of ottoneu and I joined 4 leagues.

Won two titles


Impressive victories in 4 x 4 and FGTS to win both in your first season. Well done.


I’ll take one