Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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And, thank you for being so friendly and sharing info/tips in the #ottoneu channel and elsewhere.

#344 Back-to-Back




First win! Literally by 1 base-runner.


Wow, this is about as close as it gets. Congrats!


Hey Trey - I’ll take another champions badge for my victory in league 34, toppling Zeezils the five-time champion!


Hey Trey,

Smelly Pirate Hooker, league 389, surpassed the 20K mark in '16 and Betts y Rhys/Smell the Glove, league 81, did it in '16 and '17.





Really enjoyed Ottoneu for my first season. looking forward to defending my title!


hope you enjoy arbitration

last season was my first and while it’s fun to allocate dollars to other teams’ players, it’s interesting to see how others value your players


Granting a trophy badge to @SABRmagician for winning the fine league of Brinksmanship this year:


I would like to claim my participation trophy please


Can you post a link to your standings so I know which team?


Hi, first Ottoneu victory for me. Thanks!



Is your team “Gimme All Yasmani”?


This upcoming season might be my toughest challenge yet, when I try for my fourth in a row.


If you can confirm your team name (“Yasmani”), looks like you landed #1 overall in the Power Rankings for 2017 If you can confirm (Yasmani), looks like you landed #1 overall in 2017. Well done!


1st season, 1st win!