Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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It wasn’t my best performance, but I managed to pull off another victory in FG Staff Two. That’s three in a row!




Yea that’s my team. How do I confirm?


Thanks, from last to first!


Also, how do I get my 11th place badge in my other league? I feel like I earned that one the most :stuck_out_tongue:



Thank You!


Can we request badges from years before the community was established? I have 3 belts in my one league and I like bling




Yes, just post a link here to your team on the standings page

My team is Cal Rikken. I got the badge for '16. Had another in '14 and another in '12


Casa Cubana 2017 Champion “Tourney at Harrenhal” with a score of 112 in a 5x5 league. thank you.


thanks for the note and sorry for the late reply. my question is am I supposed to get a “badge” or “110 badge” for winning? total pride thing on my part…let me know and thanks Steve (


BenStellwagen won the inaugural year (2017) of The Nick Greenhorn Society with the team Nihilism Is Exhausting. 2017 league standings:

Thanks for the badge!


Southaven Snipers - champion


Upton Pham-k (back-to-back-to-back):
The Blue Shoe Crew:



First time champion here!


It says I am the campion. Not positive if I actually am the champion.
Flying Squirrels: