Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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I won my league in my first ever Ottoneu season!! The Orleans Storm will be back next year!


Mulligan’s Valley:
Mithril Hall:


AcunaMatata won in season 2! From 10th to 1st!


If this is still happening, I’ll take 2 champion badges/trophies for Smelly Pirate Hooker and Charles McOdious:



Champ of league 380 (20K+ badge too?). Thanks!


Second season playing, but first win. Thanks!


Team Name gets its’ first title


Team Freak-A-Zoids take home the victory in the
Ottoneubs Head2Head League.

A 1st place and 2nd place rookie season in Ottoneu.


Beef Supreme


Late to the party but:


Also a little late


I’ll take a Championship badge, 90-point badge, Grand Winner, King of Clubs and All Aces badge for the Zeezils please:


Back to back champs in World Rookie League (Jose Can You See):

Think I hit Jester and Pinching Pennies as well.

2018 Ottoneu Badges

Sorry folks, I totally didn’t see this thread when handing out badges. Everyone who has earned a badge and posted in this thread has finally been awarded them.


Too late for the Champion Badge for 2018? - Stumptown Lagers


Never too late. You’ve been granted this badge.


I’d like one too, please.


This badge has been granted