Ottoneu Baseball Strategy Collection

I’m new to Ottoneu having just joined the Stats N@ league who by the way need a couple new managers 1 2. I’ve been furiously reading articles about Ottoneu baseball since I have never played in anything like this before. I just thought I would start a post with links to all the articles (and a few Youtube videos) that have been helping me learn about Ottoneu strategy. Hopefully, it will save someone else the time taken to search for all these. I will continue to update this post as I read and find articles. If you have any suggestions, leave a link below.

General Articles


Roster Building


Off Season


This is excellent stuff!!

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Auction Prep

was also useful


Thanks, I’ll add that to my reading list.

This is really great, thanks for taking the initiative! Here’s a couple more in the general articles / tips for beginners section:

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Thanks. I tried to read the WP article but they have it behind a paywall.

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Email my username at and I can send you a PDF of it.

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Thanks Niv

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Anyone know why I can’t update this post anymore? After 15 edits it won’t allow me to add anymore articles. Does it have something to do with my trust level in the forum because I’m new?

I’ll check it out. Probably some forum setting. See if that helps

Thanks, that worked.

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This was a forum post some years ago that I found very helpful when doing my own valuations:

It’s from January 2017 so it’s possible that things have changed a bit since SP are throwing fewer innings. But Justin went through and came up with how many players at each position are drafted in a typical Ottonue auction.

When you value players, you do so by setting a replacement level for each position (or collection of positions). This post gives some insight into how to do that.

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