Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

I’ve created a thread for those interested in joining an Ottoneu beginner league (all rookie owners). This category is setup so that you can ask any questions you like as you learn to play the game from the ground up. Also the perfect place to network with other beginners.

This category is invite only, so if you’re reading this, send a message to @LuckyStrikes or @eamuscatuli here in the community or on Slack and we’ll be happy to add you. Anyone in the @community new to the game is welcome to join this group.

I think each of @andrewjak @SucramRenrut @ufo2869 and @rjweise expressed some interest in joining a first year Ottoneu league, so you guys feel free to discuss what you’re looking for here and we’ll help facilitate finding/forming a rookie league for you guys to join in 2017. All questions welcome, too.

Please add me @LuckyStrikes, and thank you for setting this up.

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Got you setup here too @Timmy_RedLeg so it’s a good place to connect with other owners entering their first season

I’m looking for a first-year league too. I’ve only followed baseball for 3 years and last year was my first playing fantasy on espn. I was far more active than any other player in my 5 leagues including one I was the owner of. I won 1, finished 2nd in 2 and 3rd in another.
All leagues were snake drafts though so even the format of an auction is daunting for me.

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I think you will really enjoy the auction format @kidrobot - it’s a big change but I think it takes fantasy and the economics of Ottoneu to the next level. And this is why a beginner’s @Ottoneu101 league is very worthwhile, because you’ll all go through that learning curve together. There are a ton of resources available to you in this community, but I can already tell there’s enough interest from other “rookies” in forming one or more beginners leagues in 2017, so keep the discussion/questions coming - there will be a lot of new folks this winter looking to give Ottoneu a try in the spring.

I have played fantasy baseball for 12 years and have enjoyed learning more and more about player valuation from sources like Baseball HQ, Baseball Prospectus and Fangraphs. Over the past few years I have become a little less interested in the typical fantasy formats (I’ve mostly played season long roto games through Yahoo) and I’m excited to explore something different this year. I’m particularly interested in the 4x4 Ottoneu Classic format, which uses a slightly more sabermetric approach to the scoring categories. Have people generally been happy with this format over the last several years? Does anyone miss stolen bases, saves or holds? Do the majority of leagues use this scoring system, or have many tried the linear weight system or stuck with the “Old School” 5x5 categories?

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The majority of ottoneu leagues are points leagues, but the original format of ottoneu is 4x4. I think every format has its merits, so 4x4 is a fine choice as a bridge between traditional 5x5 and the straight linear weights scoring.

The basic economic foundation of Ottoneu is excellent so I’ve seen a trend over the past few seasons of more owners playing in multiple leagues so they can test out the different scoring formats. I do the the points leagues (FGPTS, SABR) are more popular today but there’s plenty of interest in all of them.

I’ve only participated in the traditional scoring leagues. Of course last year was the 1st year I’ve played on-line. Before that was probably 1995ish??? Although I do lean traditional,I am catching on to the saber part and actually enjoy using the saber metrics’s to project the traditional numbers.

@LuckyStrikes. If we begin an all rookie league I’m assuming it would kick off with a player draft. Or is there another starting point?

Correct, the starting point for any new league would be the initial player auction in the spring. It usually takes about 8 hours, often spread over two nights, and is a blast, especially your first one.

This 101 thread is setup for anyone in the @community getting ready to play their very first Ottoneu season (2017), and I have a feeling there will be a lot of interest in beginner leagues, so we’ve set this up to help you guys network to form your own leagues and ask any questions you have about the game as you learn your way through it.

Next step for you would be to get to know some other beginners and start planning to create a league. Someone will need to be a commissioner but we can walk anyone through that (pretty easy).

I’d be happy to be a commissioner. How much needs to be controlled? From what I’ve read, roster sizes, budgets and most aspects normally considered variables are the same for all leagues.
If I were to create a league today would settings be set in stone or could I amend them before a draft as I learn what works/ what I feel is best?

I’d be happy to be co-commissioner but would favor to use FGPTS as that seems the standard when pulling data from Fangraps, reading most articles and using most tools.

The hardest job of the commish in year one is just trying to find a time for 12 owners to schedule the live auction. Usually takes two nights, maybe three.

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I figured that would be hard. I would consider the slow draft method using couchmanagers to make it easier for people to fit it in their lives but after testing it last week I’m not sure if it makes it that much easier or less time consuming; just more spread out

Hey @LuckyStrikes, I’m really interested in joining a rookie league, as I’m new to ottoneu but incredibly excited to start!

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Is there anywhere to see all the Ottoneu game rules all in one place?

Disregard my last post. I think I’ve stumbled upon what I was looking for.

I’ve just created a new absolute beginners league. It seems that FGPts is probably most popular so I’ve gone with that format although it can be changed.
@rjweise let me know if you’d like to join as co-commissioner.