Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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Yes @kidrobot i would not mind trying that.


@kidrobot @rjweise Hey guys, I just joined the league under the name Team Snail.


You guys in @Ottoneu101 can find the full set of Rules here:


My advice would be to not use couch managers for your first year auction. Drafting in house is definitely the way to go and best way to avoid unforeseen issues.


Is that simething you can do @kidrobot (set me up as co-com) or do i need to do that somewhere?


If you join the league as normal I have the option of making you commissioner.


Ok, im signed up now


Excellent, I’ve added you as a commissioner. 4 teams joined now. :+1:


I also put a link to the league in the comments of Joe’s article he wrote on Rotographs for new players. There were a number of people in the comments who showed interest


As you guys are forming new Ottoneu beginner leagues, this note on creating a league charter could save you some heartache down the road.


I’m a little worried that I’ve used some settings in creating the league that I now cannot change. I want to use the arbitration allocation system but by default the league is set to voting - is this something I can change (I can’t see it in the commissioner tools…)


Yes, you absolutely will be able to change between the two arb systems, and I’d recommend the allocation system. You may not see that option until after the 2017 season begins, but you can change it. Default may actually be allocation, but I can’t remember.


Hi everyone. I definitely want in. How do I go about getting an invite?



Never mind - I figured it out.


Good morning guys! I would defenatley would like to participate in a beginners league. My 1 and only concern is my lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to operating and navigating the computer. I have a minimal amount of knowledge. I did play NFBC this past summer but this looks alot more complex. I have confidence in my knowledge and strategy to be competitive I’m just unsure in my abilities to operate the computer part of game. Can anyone tell me if my limited computer knowledge would negatively affect my chances of being competitive? I do know the basics. I think. Lol. Sorry to be long winded,but I would really like to play and haven’t convinced myself I can do it. I would appreciate any honest feedback. Thanks!


Hey @Timmy_RedLeg , I don’t have in-season experience yet, but I think if you are able to navigate this website you should be able to participate. I’m guessing many users keep their own stats in tools like Google Sheets or Excel, but that is not mandatory. You can play based on gut feel, magazine info, website data etc. so there is no requirement to keep your own stats.
I do anticipate there will be some time requirement to learn the roster setting tool and other tools in Ottoneu (like arbitration and trades) but I have seen some articles on that and the Ottoneu community has been proven very helpful so far.
What are you mostly concerned about?


@rjweise, thanks for the feedback. The example you gave about roster tools,etc… is a good example. My biggest issue is not knowing what to do if I don’t know what to do. If that makes since. I don have the experience to know how to correct my mistakes. I don’t want to over exaggerate, but when I have a question I here people say “oh that’s easy to fix”. And it is for them. Not so much for me. I don’t always understand the terminology and sometimes people get frustrated with me. That being said I’ve gotten a lot better. I guess my biggest concern is not knowing how to do something and it ends up costing me in the competition,or it causes problems for my competitors. Example: In the NFBC draft I wanted to draft a player that I couldn’t find in their rankings in the draft room,so I entered the name in the space allowed and pressed search.Nothing happened. I ran out of time for that pick. Sorry again to be so long winded. Just don’t want slow anyone down because of my ignorance. Thanks again!


That’s exactly why we are here to help, your best resource is this community and the posts found here, the articles about ottoneu on RotoGraphs, and the Slack community.


Yeah I think I’ve already tested Trey’s patience just trying to link up to this site,lol. Just kidding,he was great!!! Patient and helpful,I’m very thankful.


The Ottoneu site is pretty simple to use and setting lineups daily is also very easy. The actual auction room on draft day might represent the biggest computer challenge but we’ve got some videos to help and might be able to push some mock drafts this year. Either way plenty of time to learn the process. This sounds like a good candidate to add a co-owner too in case you need a backup.