Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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@daebhid how the group coming along? I’d be interested if it’s a $50 league.


If there are still any openings, I would be interested in a spot.Newbie to Ottoneu but have been Fantasying since we used pencil and paper. Scary.


Looking for a new owners league, H2H Fangraph pts preferred. 15 years of experience in home leagues and looking for a bigger challenge.


I’m looking to join my first Ottoneu League, I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for the last 10 years and I want to try and make the jump to a more competitive league.

I’d prefer a H2H Fangraph Points 12 Team League. Either $9.99 or $49.99 Buy In


Hello! Are you still looking for managers? How would this league be set up?


$9.99 4x4 league still looking for four owners and scheduled to draft March 10! Let me know if you are interested ASAP


Hello, looking to a join a new Ottoeneu 5x5 startup for new owners. $10 or $50.


Hey @kott! Have you found a league for you and your friends to join yet? I have three spots open in our H2H league that’s drafting tomorrow evening.


Hey @psyravo! Have you found a league to join? We have up to three spots available in our H2H league drafting tomorrow evening.


@yuencg - first time user here, but avid fantasy player (baseball, hockey and football on Yahoo). Looking for a league - you have an opening?


I’m looking for a FanGraphs Points beginner league preferably at the $9.99 level. @Ottoneu101


@adam_kinghorn, yes! I’ll send you a direct message.


Im looking for a $9.99 or $49.99 FG points league if anyone has a spot


Great to see lots of leagues forming in this #owners-wanted channel. A reminder that if you’re specifically looking for a beginner league (all rookie owners), you can tag the @Ottoneu101 group to see who might have interest. Good luck to all those forming leagues in 2018.


@Ottoneu101 - Still looking for a beginner classic 5x5 league to join. I’m EST and would prefer to draft 2000 or later. Avid fantasy baller looking for something a little more in-depth and GM-like. Lower cost league, preferably, as well. Please reach out!


Buehler? Buehler? ANY one?