Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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Hey! I am co-comish in a league and we are looking for a new owner. We are going into year 2 of the “OTTO BEGINNERS LEAGUE”. We would love to add one person who is looking to try this thing out!


I‘m looking for a new league…old school 5x5 $50 or $100


Hi All,

Joined a couple leagues looking for players last year but looking to get into a new league this year. Looking for a Fangraphs Points Auction league $50.

Anyone interested please email me at If there is enough interest I will start one up!

Its an amazing game and plus, who doesn’t want to put Ohtani on the field for the next 5 years!

Thanks to those that are interested.


If you’re still looking for an owner, I’ll take the team over.


Very Interested in joining. Tired of ESPN throwaways.


Two owners looking for a new league to join, if possible. Put feelers out on another, but am not getting a response.


I’m new to Ottoneau! @eamuscatuli / @LuckyStrikes I’d love an add.


HI, I’m new to Ottoneau and I would like to join the discussion. Would love an add, @eamuscatuli @LuckyStrikes


Several new owners are looking for @Ottoneu101 leagues to form. These usually form in late January/early February. If you are new to the game (2018) and looking to play in your first season with a group of “rookies”, keep a close eye on these boards and feel free to get to know folks on Slack too, as the best leagues are usually those formed by those active in the Ottoneu community.

You can create a new league here:


Hi @luckystrikes @eamuscatuli can I be added to this? I would like to join an ottoneu league but I dont want to get dominated by people who have been doing this for multiple seasons


Hey, im new to ottoneu too and want to start a league with mostly newer people so I dont get dominated by guys who have been doing this particular format for multiple years. If youre interested, follow me on twitter so i can see if we can round up enough people @realmarkhallman


you might consider to join an established league…you’ll learn fast(er)


I wouldn’t be too worried about joining an established league. Sure, you probably will not win the first year, but if you have a good understanding of baseball and are committed to the league, you can quickly come up to speed and be ready to compete in year 2.


I am an experienced fantasy baseball player, but I have never played Ottoneu. Is there a new league starting up?Beginner is preferred, but I am open to an experienced league. Thanks!


Hi there! Looking to join a beginner Ottoneu league — I’ve played fantasy baseball before but am looking for a more involved league. Never played Ottoneu before. Could I be added please? @LuckyStrikes


Several folks have recently been added to the @Ottoneu101 group, which is typically reserved for those new to the game looking to form a brand new league. This is a good space to post your interest in forming or joining a new league, an the best leagues are usually made up of those who are active in the Ottoneu community.


Experienced commissioner of 7+ years in ESPN league, looking for newer/better community and statistical environment. I’d be happy to start a league, but don’t want to run it? :slight_smile:


If interested there is a group of managers starting a league called Ottoneubs… 3
(potentially 4 managers) who have all played together in a Yahoo keeper league for nearly a decade. Looking for a few more active managers just starting out in ottoneu


Just created a new 4x4 $9.99 league. This is my first time doing an ottoneu league and looking for other new players. PM if interested


Looking for a 5x5 old school startup…$49.99
Draft not before March 24th