Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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Hey Everyone,

We just did our draft today. Unfortunately, we had three owners bail on us right at the last second and didn’t draft a team. We still want to do a standard 12 team league but we understand no one will want to take over an empty team that only has access to free agents. Our thoughts are the existing 9 teams can protect 35 of their 40 man rosters and the other 5 will be up for grabs for the new owners. They would have to pay the same salary for that player that they were drafted at. If anyone is interested please shoot me a message and let me know. Doing another draft is out of the question way too much time to do that. @LuckyStrikes maybe you can help me out here? Thank you in advance!



Decided against doing the “expansion draft” we blew it up and are redoing the draft we have two more spots available league number 812 if anyone is interested please shoot me an email


It’s a tough decision either way but I think a redraft is probably the best bet here, especially since you have time before the season starts.


long time fantasy player, but newbie to Ottoneu. Looking to join a league with auction before the start of the year. contact me if you have a league opening


Hey all I have an open league for beginners, message me or email:


First year of Ottoneu but have been playing fantasy baseball for years, looking for a league before season starts, Thanks

email me at


Hello, two questions: 1, if I join a $9.99 beginner league this year, will the league remain a beginner league forever, or will there be an option to upgrade the league to start playing for cash prizes in subsequent years once players know what they’re doing? and 2, where can I find an explanation in detail of the four different scoring types? For example, what are the 4 categories for 4x4? What are the 5 for 5x5? How do the points systems work exactly? Thank you.


Here is the link for the scoring types:

Technically there is no official designation of “beginner” league; instead it’s been recommended that owners playing for their first time in Ottoneu get together to form those leagues. My understanding is that you can start at the $9.99 tier and then request to increase the price paying tier later on at the request of @nivshah

I don’t think you can change the scoring type in the future, however.


You actually can change the scoring type per request, I know a league @chy924 is in switched from 4x4 (I think?) to SABR this year, and I can confirm that you can request a change to a prize league tier as well.


Confirmed. 670 was 4x4 last year and SABR this year. You can change that in commish tools


Thank you guys, that’s helpful. One more question - when I take over a team, it tells me I have “one round of penalty-free cuts”. Does this mean I have a round of cutting as many players from that roster as I want penalty-free? Or does this mean I can choose one player to drop penalty-free?


Booyea do you need a new league to join?


You can cut as many players as you like (all at one time), penalty free!


@LuckyStrikesI am interested in joining a beginnner league for the first time


I would like an invite also know another rookie owner who would want in


Lots of @Ottoneu101 owners still looking to join or form beginner leagues. This is a great place to network and form something before the season begins.


@LuckyStrikes please add me – thanks!


Hey everybody. I’m new here and I’m assuming some drafts are still held after opening day? I’d love to join a beginner league if anyone’s got an opening. Typical newbie, I’ve done the yahoo/espn type leagues, and am hooked on deep leagues but I really want to try the challenge of Ottoneu.


I have an interest in joining a beginner league or a league which needs a new owner. Played in NL only 4x4 for 30 years and prefer 4x4 or 5x5 format.


Several folks have approached me recently asking when beginner leagues will be forming. Traditionally, the most new leagues form in early January, but if you new to Ottoneu and looking for a beginner league, I’d recommend posting your interest to the Owners Wanted page and checking back often to see when new leagues will form. You can also keep an eye on things here: