Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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We have a few open teams in a second year league -

Some of the owners are in their second year, but a few (like myself) are first time Ottoneu players. We’re happy to take on more beginners and get the season started.


I am also looking to join a new team. Either with the lower stakes or potentially the 9.99 league. Not really sure where to start; kind of concerned about the time commitment vs. ESPN or Daily fantasy sites.


Our SABR Points league called Blastrag Baseball League for $9.99 needs 5 more players. Email if you are interested!


Gross name for a league.


@LuckyStrikes please add me to slack


I’m interested. Been playing FLB for ~20 years, mostly on ESPN. Looking for an active experience with good owners. Never played ottoneu before. Ideally would have 5x5 scoring. Arbitration type is unimportant to me.


@LuckyStrikes Hello, could you please add me to the slack? Thank you!


Two friends and I are interested in joining a beginner league at the $9.99 price point. We would prefer 5x5, but would honestly do any league type as long as all 3 of us can get in. The trio of us are active, long-time fantasy baseball players, but it would be our first go round on Ottoneu.


Hey @LuckyStrikes! Can you add me into the community? I am starting and new FanGraphs league this season and I am looking for a few more owners. Long time baseball fan and fantasy player who is looking for a great challenge in ottoneu. Any suggestions on finding other beginner owners?


Hey @codyallenmusic,

Fellow Tribe fan here,

I am starting a beginners league that is FanGraphs scoring with a bunch of other Tribe fans, would you have any interest in joining?


@LuckyStrikes is this still an option? Myself and two friends are interested in playing in beginner leagues.


or @eamuscatuli?


Or if there are other rookies looking to fill a league, I have three total that are active and want to give this a shot.

email: or reply here.


Would you be interested in joining my league?


do you have room for 3?


This is a great place to connect to find a league, so good to see you guys coordinating. Looking forward to more feedback from beginner leagues this year. Good luck with your season.


@LuckyStrikes can you add Diesel628 to Slack. Thanks!



I am interested in joining a points league (preferably in @ the $9.99 price). I am new to this and getting excited to be a part of something like this! Definitely want to play with other beginners. Also, can I get added to the group!



Yes sir they’ve been invited but don’t think they’ve joined yet.


long time fantasy player looking to join a 5x5 league. please contact me if you have openings.