Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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I’ve added you and @mclaug51 to the @Ottoneu101 group which is the primary place for new Ottoneu owners to discuss upcoming leagues, etc. I expect you’ll see even more interest in new players creating leagues in February as we get closer to Spring Training. Welcome!


20 year fantasy baseball player, first time ottoneu player. Looking for a new league, would like to try FranGraphs scoring but am open to anything. Would prefer to play for money, so everyone stays interested.


I’m about to create a $49.99 FanGraph points league. Will post details here once completed.


Alright Ottoneu beginners, I’ve created a a $49.99 Fangraph points league.

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for 19 years and am hoping to build and grow this league with active, enthusiastic and competitive managers looking to interested for multiple years to come.
I’m in the US and am on PST. Hope to fill this league up and start seeing what draft schedule might work best.


Please add me to the list @LuckyStrikes. I have 20 years experience playing fantasy baseball but this is my first time looking into Ottoneu.



@LuckyStrikes please add me to slack. Thanks!


@LuckyStrikes please add me on Slack


@LuckyStrikes please add me on Slack as well.


There are still openings in Sultan’s of Swat ottoneu beginner league:
Hoping to fill this up within the next 2 weeks to get a draft date that works for everyone confirmed. Message me or reply if you are interested or have any questions.



How many openings are available? I might be available. Thanks!


@LuckyStrikes - I would like to be added on Slack. Thanks!


@LuckyStrikes please add me to Slack. Thanks!


Only 3 spots left in Sultan’s of Swat Beginner League! .
I have had plenty beginners reach out to me this week that have shown interest in the league. This has filled up quick and most likely will be full by the end of next week.

If you want to join the league, please DM or email me


Hey LuckyStrikes, can I get an invite to the Slack community? Thanks!


Hey @Lucky Strikes
Looking at the list of available leagues, can you tell me what is the difference between a private and non private league. Are private leagues typically looking for outsiders to join their league?
Could you please add me to the Slack community


Yes, private leagues are generally formed where all the owners already know each other and aren’t opening up slots to the public. Public leagues may be made up of a few owners (probably some new to the game) that form a league but open it up to anyone else to join so they can fill it. Both can be great leagues (my oldest, favorite league was setup as a public league 6+ years ago)


@LuckyStrikes I am interested in joining a beginner league. Not sure where to start, I have done a few roto 5x5 standard leagues and one h2h. I almost joined a 40man roster format before but it fell apart.

My only worry is the first auction with my schedule (Full time student, full time work, girlfriend an hour away) Naturally life is missing full time baseball! I also have a friend that might be interested.


I think it’s pretty clear here that you just need to give up the girlfriend…

In all seriousness, making the initial draft of a new league is pretty critical, so it’s good to understand how important that is up front, especially if you’re treating an Ottoneu league like a long term investment of potentially great relationships with 11 other owners (which you should).

I would keep watch here for openings and I’ll ping the @Ottoneu101 group here to let them know you’re looking for a beginner league. There should be quite a few forming over the next few weeks.

For those in new leagues trying to figure out how to schedule what can be an 8-10 hour long initial auction, this has become a pretty handy tool for a lot of leagues (new and old):


Interesting in joining the rookie chat line


Ottoneu beginner here looking to join the chat group and a $9.99 rookie league if someone has one with spots