Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball Update 9/23/2018: Better Late Than Never?

We have a couple of tiny new things today that should be helpful for the last week of the 2018 season and going forward into 2019.

First off, the lineup view has been added to the lineups page, per @mkirshenbaum’s request. On the lineup page, you can find the “Next 7 Days” under the stat filters drop down, where you can also find all your lineup page splits. The next 7 days view will show the next 7 days of games and, for pitchers, if they are projected to start in that game.

Secondly there is now a Playoffs page for those of you in leagues with playoffs. This page can be reached from the home page. It will either show all playoff games for the current season, or if viewed before the playoffs start, who would make the playoffs if they were to start today.

Please let me know if you run into any issues using either of these new features.


Nice addition!

The little green carets are pretty hard to see among all the other text in the pitchers’ area. Would you consider a more prominent signal for starting pitchers?

I felt the same way when looking at the schedule view. I’ve changed the indicators for starting and not starting to stand out more.

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I like the new starting/benched markers. I do wonder a bit if people with red-green color blindness feel the same.

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Nicely done!


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